Wonford Engagement Events

Mar 22, 2024

The Live and Move team recently supported a series of engagement events in Wonford, aimed at updating residents with the latest exciting designs as part of the proposal to refurbish and partially redevelop both the Wonford Leisure Centre and the Wonford Community Learning Centre into a one stop community wellbeing hub.

The vision for the new facility is to act as a focal point in the community, to promote access to, and participation in community health & wellbeing activities, to provide better connection to the nearby green space of Ludwell Valley and to better meet the needs of the local community.

The proposals for the new centre would act as a connector between residents and the Ludwell Valley Park and Green Circle – the new community and wellbeing hub will connect local people to these gorgeous, easy to access and free to use, green spaces.

The recent engagement events took place over a few days, with times varying to suit as many people as possible. Over 100 people came to the events and the team from Live and Move, architects, leisure and community centre staff, found it really helpful to talk to people about the designs and to listen to feedback on any ideas that would further improve the designs.

Comments included:

“I love that it is light and open and big windows and more visible to the outside”.

“Love that there will be a café space.

Shared entrance is good. Space for different activities to still happen, access to Ludwell Valley Park too is good.

Hope that more of the local community use it”.

“Great for parents – would have loved this when mine were younger but can see them using this as teens – gym/climbing wall. Definitely good design for café, overlooking Ludwell.”

The next steps are to apply for planning permission which will happen in June of this year. Once planning permission is granted Exeter City Council will embark upon a fundraising campaign to secure the funds for the redevelopment.

You can find out more about this project here on the Live and Move website, or by heading to the ‘What Wonford Wants’ Facebook page.

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