Wellbeing Workouts

Sep 20, 2022

Reassurance. Support. Positivity. 

These are at the core of the free Wellbeing Workout sessions run by life coach Gayner Harriet Taylor for residents in Cranbrook.

But this time we’re not talking about just supporting people to become more active. We can only reach our goals when we make our wellbeing as important as our workouts.

The idea

Gayner is a transformation life coach, with a goal of her own. To help others. She works tirelessly to make a positive difference in people’s lives, helping them unlock their potential so they can live healthier, happier lives.

So, when Gayner spotted the Move More Cranbrook Grants funding opportunity, she knew she had to apply. By helping participants with anxiety, depression, low-self-esteem and more, she knew she’d be able to make an incredible impact on their mental and physical health.

Gayner set to work, creating sessions packed with strategies to help members tune into themselves, and start their journey towards self-care.



A GP had been noticing an uptick in patients reporting anxiety and depression in the local area and believed that Gayner’s sessions might make a difference to some of them. Little did she know how big that difference could be.

The result

The programme, made possible by Move More Cranbrook’s grant funding, has already started to transform the lives of its participants. And it’s clear to see why.  Members gain the confidence to explore their thoughts and feelings, helping them become more self-aware (which is where self-care starts!). Gayner works with each member to understand their struggles, and together they form an individual action plan to work towards. The programme weaves gratitude, mindset shifting, self-compassion, relationship building and more together, ending in a celebration of how far everyone has come – and how far they’ll continue to go.

Gayner said: “When a new member joins, I ask them how they’re feeling and what they hope to achieve. Although the sessions are group activities, I make sure that individual support is there. I continuously check in with each person, and as the weeks have go by, I make tweaks to the sessions in line with the needs of the members. My deepest desire is for people to get still enough to identify what makes them unique and connect to hope, possibilities and fulfilment in all areas of their lives”

Participants feel lighter and brighter from the support of the small, sociable group. There has been 100% attendance, and the group is still in regular contact with each other.

One participant said: “Within the 8 weeks I have changed jobs and enrolled on a further degree in something I have wanted to do for years. My daily routines are much healthier, I am sleeping better, eating better, and doing more exercise.”

The proactivity of the members outside of the sessions is another clear sign of growth. Three members wanted to lose weight, and with their newfound motivation, have started their own walking/talking group.

Even early rises have become contagious! One member now goes into her garden every morning, come rain or shine to practise gratitude, while another has set her alarm half an hour earlier, swapping scrolling on her phone for mindful morning reading.

Gayner continues: “Group one has just finished and what a group they were! Their personal transformations were incredible, and I feel truly blessed to have worked with them. It’s been so heart-warming to see how the group has built one another up and created that community spirit.”

One person even gained the strength to leave a role where she felt undervalued and unhappy. She said she would have never dreamt of taking the risk if she hadn’t attended the workshop.

Another participant said: “The well-being workout has had a profound effect on my life and mindset. It’s helped me push out of my comfort zone and achieve things I wouldn’t have tried before.”

This grant funded project is a clear example of how prioritising your mental health can be the catalyst to incredible change. Of how having healthier mindsets creates healthier habits, too. Many Cranbrook residents now have the motivation to exercise more. And when we shape and strengthen our bodies, our self-esteem starts to soar, which gives us more confidence to tackle anything! 

Moving more, living more. It all begins with wellbeing. Find out more about Wellbeing Workouts here. And find out more about applying for a Move More Cranbrook grant, here.

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