Oct 19, 2020

Welcome to Live and Move!

We figured that the first blog on our shiny new website (let us know what you think of it?) should be an introduction. Though we think some of you may know us already…

Live and Move is the public face for an ambitious vision and a whole bunch of community focused work going on in Exeter and Cranbrook. Our aim is to support a meaningful increase in people’s daily activity levels in our area.

Why? Because, as our funding partner Sport England puts it, “Moving makes us strong”. Strong in body, resilient in mind, active participants in our environment and communities, and – this is a bit more tangible – less likely to need that e-consult form we now use to access a GP.

What we are trying to achieve isn’t all that new, but the way we are trying to do it might be. Letting people in the community drive the movement, we have the potential to effect real change even at local authority level, to enhance our communities and lifestyles. Held together by a web of passionate people, we’ve decided to throw convention up in the air (I’ll admit we sometimes squeeze our eyes and hold our breath) to see what we can do with a bit of creativity and an awful lot of collaboration.

Who are we?

We’re a dedicated core team working out of Exeter City Council and we are focused, as an absolute priority, on listening to people so we can learn from each other. Rome wasn’t built in a day; we hope you are going to see quite a lot of us about. Working with schools, community groups, local authorities and businesses, asking questions and sharing your stories.

This programme of work, which we have named Live and Move, began roughly a year ago when we started working with local partners and communities under the umbrella of Exeter City Council, Move More Cranbrook or the ‘Sport England Local Delivery Pilot’. We’ve been conducting learning (surveys and stuff) and working with the council and their partners to discover the areas that we might be able to make a difference in. From this, we’ve decided to focus our attentions on four main themes:

• Active Communities
• Active Families and Schools
• Active Workplaces
Active Travel and Environments

We need to learn from people who have individual circumstances that perhaps we haven’t thought of yet, to find out how our day to day lives can become more active. That way we can all increase our happiness, health and wellbeing together. The ‘together’ principle is absolutely key to this movement. What works for one person may not work for another. And, of course, it’s not just about finding where we can make a change to move more. That activity needs to be enjoyable and match our lifestyle and schedule, or we just won’t sustain it.

All of us are on our own journeys to boost the ways we live and move. After years of rushing to do the school run in the car (and I can’t politely write how I feel about seeking parking near school), remote and flexible working has finally given me the option to walk the children in. Well, one child and one Power Ranger, at the moment. You can check out our Community Stories page to see what people in neighbourhoods across Exeter and Cranbrook are up to. We’ll be telling community stories a lot, and are looking forward to publishing guest blogs from people in Exeter and Cranbrook.

So, welcome to Live and Move! This is us in a nutshell. We hope you’ll follow our progress and join in where you can. And please, if you have an idea or a story to share about adding a bit more movement into daily life and how this has benefitted you, get in touch!

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