Exeter’s Green Circle

May 10, 2022

As you will know by now, we love talking about the Green Circle

This circular 12-mile route is right on the doorstep for most Exeter residents, is totally free, and consists of some pretty stunning countryside. And whilst some people will love the challenge of walking 12 miles in one go, the beauty of this walk is that it can be done in sections, taking in any one of the five valley parks along the way (Mincinglake, Ludwell, Duryard, Riverside and the Barley Valley Nature Reserve).

We at Live and Move decided to practise what we preach for our latest team meeting – instead of sitting around a table in an office, we took advantage of the sun shining on the Green Circle and held our meeting walking around the gorgeous Ludwell Valley Park. Situated in Wonford, right behind Burnthouse Lane and Lidl, this beautiful green space comes complete with cycle path, woods, rivers, bridges, play equipment and outdoor picnic areas. If you fancy pushing yourself to go an extra three miles, you can follow the Green Circle route all the way from Ludwell down to Riverside Valley Park.

The peace and tranquillity of this space is almost overwhelming and is the perfect antidote to our often hectic lives post-Covid. Those living nearby have the ideal space for a quick walk to break up the day, and this section is also home to the E9 – a cycle network that connects residents throughout the city to their places of work, allowing for that all-important ‘active commute’ that we so often talk about! 

One of the most striking things about this route is its proximity to built-up areas and roads, and we think that’s one of the most exciting elements of being a resident in Exeter too – wherever you are, you can see open green space. 

If you’d like to do a bit more walking, you might be interested to know that the Go Jauntly app will soon feature the Green Circle walk, allowing you to download routes and share your experiences. Scan this QR code to download the app, and to find out more.

And if you’re struggling with the notion of heading out for a walk on your own, there are people in your community who can help. Each community in Exeter has its own Community Physical Activity Organiser. We’ve been writing about them recently so head on over to our social media pages, or click here to find out who yours is, and how to reach them. 

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