The Bear Trail

Oct 14, 2021

If you’re a parent, you’re probably all-too familiar with how difficult it can be to encourage your children to get off their screens and go outside, alongside the worry that they’ll be safe when they do so.

Ben Jordan was keen to enable families to make memories and be more active when he set up The Bear Trail in a field near Cullompton five years ago.

He says: “I wanted to create a place where friends and families could create amazing memories together, all whilst enjoying the great outdoors.”

The Bear Trail

The Bear Trail features 30 obstacles, including the big favourite – the mud slide! Visitors of all ages are encouraged to take part and can scramble over bear nets, zoom down the zip wire and tumble through the tunnels. It’s an all-weather attraction and being covered in mud when you finish is quite likely! Rustic showers and mouth-watering wood-fired pizzas are waiting for you when you finish.

As a parent himself, Ben says that he understands the pressures that families face in trying to move more, and he believes that excess screen-time is a big factor in influencing how active families are:

“Movement not only has significant benefits for our physical health, but also our mental health. No matter how good or bad your day is, running around will always make it better!”

Getting families moving outside, regardless of the weather, is important, and Ben believes that being outside enables children to develop a great appreciation for the natural environment, together with a sense of independence, as well as improving their self-awareness.

“Providing children with the opportunity to play, interact, and experience the great outdoors is without a doubt one of the most rewarding aspects of the business.”

According to Ben, one of the best things about running The Bear Trail is watching families come together and have fun in a very simple way. But what about the obstacles themselves?

“Despite being the simplest ‘obstacle’, the tug of war brings the most joy to families. It is incredible to watch the grit and determination of both teams battle it out on the rope!”

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