Stay and Play at Wynstream Primary

Jun 1, 2023

We all know how busy family life can be, and it can sometimes be hard to find things to do that the whole family will enjoy. So we’ve been talking to some lovely parents and children from Wynstream Primary School in Wonford, to find out what would encourage them to be more active together.

Parents told us that they want their children to be fit and healthy and they know that moving more is important for their own wellbeing too. But traditional sports or going to the gym are not for everyone and sometimes cost can be a barrier, especially when you have a larger family or are on a budget.

Some needed a little encouragement, but a small group of families decided to have a go at designing their own Stay and Play session to test out what might work for them.  It was important to find activities that were as inclusive as possible so that everyone, regardless of ability, could join in.

With a helping hand from Ed Shaw, the local Community Physical Activity Organiser, our families came up with their own fun and inclusive play session, which included badminton and hula hooping.

Afterwards, the families shared their thoughts over some well-earned refreshments.  Poppy, a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and parent, said, “This was a wonderful session that allowed me to play and have fun with my children on a variety of activities. Best of all, it was free and my kids and I had a fabulous time competing against each other in a fun way! We can’t wait for future events.”

Live and Move are now working with the families to see how the idea could be turned into a regular Stay and Play session to encourage more families to play and be active together. Find out more about other Live and Move projects here or how you can get involved here.

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