Sport England came to Exeter

Feb 1, 2023

Live and Move are working towards Exeter and Cranbrook being places where everyone can be active, everyday. Our programme is funded by Sport England, so we were delighted to have the opportunity to host them yesterday at Exeter City Council’s passivhaus standard leisure centre, St. Sidwell’s Point.

Lisa Dodd-Mayne, Sport England’s Executive Director of Place, was welcomed by Cllr Phil Bialyk and Cllr Josie Parkhouse along with several Sport England colleagues, and had the chance to learn more from Live and Move and from Wellbeing Exeter community workers. They talked about what the challenges and barriers are to being active, and how our local communities are finding ways, with the support of Live and Move and Wellbeing Exeter, to create space for physical activity and wellbeing in their everyday lives.

As well as touring the state-of-the-art new leisure centre, Lisa and her team took a walk along Exeter Quay and heard how the Liveable Exeter Place Board and Exeter Local Plan are helping Exeter become a healthier, happier and more active city.

Cllr Josie Parkhouse, the Exeter City Councillor for Leisure and Physical Activity, talked about the importance of ensuring that Exeter and Cranbrook’s communities have opportunities to be active that work for them.

She added: ‘Days like this are a wonderful opportunity for us to realise the wealth of really exciting projects that are taking place right under our noses. From the Community Physical Activity Organisers (CPAOs) who do a great job of inspiring people in their communities to move more, to the fabulous 12-mile Exeter Green Circle network, to the work that we’re doing in Wonford and the This Girl Can campaign – there really is no shortage of opportunities to be more active. Our only challenge is making sure that everybody knows about them!”

Leaders from Sport England were shown around the city’s award-winning Passivhaus leisure centre St Sidwell’s Point

Live and Move are working to break down the barriers that can get in the way of people accessing activities or being more active. We do this through our learning from the work that Wellbeing Exeter Community Builders and CPAOs do in communities, taking that real life insight and contributing to policy development and influencing strategies with local authorities and decision makers. Our Everyday Active strategy can be found on our website and shows how we design our work around being Place Based, Community Led and Data Informed.

It’s quite a wide range of work, and goes further than simply creating new activities for people to join, but it’s what we believe is necessary to connect all the different layers of systems that exist in communities across Exeter and Cranbrook. Only by finding out what’s preventing people from increasing their wellbeing through being active, can we find the solutions that will make it possible for people to lead more active lives, everyday, for the long term.

We want to share all the active projects we partner with communities on, as well as all the great work and inspiring ways people find to be active in Exeter and Cranbrook. If you’d like to find out more, go to the Active Projects page on our website, and please do #ShareYourMoves on social media to inspire others with your story of being a bit more active in your everyday lives.

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