Exeter & Cranbrook

Let’s get talking about what makes it easier

to move more, day to day

#ShareYourMoves is a campaign to get Exeter and Cranbrook talking about what can make it easier to move more in our day to day lives.

We know it’s really good for our health and wellbeing to be moving frequently, but life doesn’t always make it easy. A small change that lasts is a big change to our quality of life, so it’s important we move in ways that fit the way we live.


We’re asking:


  • Would moving more increase your wellbeing?

  • What would make it easier for you to move more?

  • Why will you move more? What’s your motivation?



    • Moving more is good for our all-round wellbeing

    • A ‘little more’ each day is a big change

    • Move in ways that fit the way you live

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