We are asking people from Exeter and Cranbrook to join in with our campaign #ShareYourMoves, to get an area wide conversation going about what makes it easier to move more, day to day.

It’s been a challenging year and many of our lives and daily habits have changed, some more dramatically than others. Making sure we move our bodies is vital for our wellbeing, but finding ways to do that and making the change isn’t always easy.

We’re inviting people to share their experiences of the challenges to moving more – and their ideas and solutions.

We all know it’s good for our health and wellbeing to be moving frequently. The first step into a better future is always just the next step; all we have to do is just move a bit more than we are now and see how it feels.

James Bogue, Programme Lead, says, “Physical activity has been talked about for a long time now as a kind of ‘miracle cure’. There’s no doubt that moving more can improve quality of life, and if you find the right way for you and your lifestyle it’s also really enjoyable. We all need some fun as we are moving out of lockdown for the last time.

“Our message to people is to move in ways that fit the way you live, that’s what makes a habit sustainable. We’re excited to share stories of how people in the Exeter and Cranbrook communities are living and moving as we head towards summer!”

Councillor Duncan Wood, Lead Councillor for Leisure and Physical activity at Exeter City Council said, “With summer on its way and the end of restrictions on the horizon there are so many things we might get back to. Getting more active can add to the feeling of wellbeing and maybe increase the choice of things we can do.

“Getting more active isn’t necessarily about buying a bike you won’t use or jogging kit that stays in the wardrobe. It’s also about increasing how active we are in our day to day life. Take the stairs more, park further away, get off the bus a stop earlier, take a short walk during lunch break, just a few ideas. There are so many great ideas, it’s about small changes that can make a real difference.”

He went on to say,

“The Live and Move programme is about helping us to become more active to help us feel better and enjoy life more. The #ShareYourMoves campaign is a great way to join in – let’s share the ideas for the changes that we have made to move more. Let’s show what physical movement and activity means for people in Exeter”.

You can join in with the #ShareYourMoves campaign by posting your thoughts, challenges and ideas on social media, using the hashtag #ShareYourMoves and tagging Live and Move.

You can also post or comment on the Live and Move social media pages – or even get in touch with Live and Move to become a Storyteller. You might #ShareYourMoves for one of the blogs or videos, or your thoughts and ideas might be shared on social media!

Get in touch with Live and Move to find out more or become a Storyteller, at hello@liveandmove.co.uk.

Live and Move is the community identity of the Exeter and Cranbrook Local Delivery Pilot, funded by Sport England with Exeter City Council as the accountable body. Live and Move are working in partnership with local organisations, community groups and individuals to find out what the barriers are to physical activity and work on solutions to overcome those challenges.

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