Seated exercise classes at Iveagh Court

Mar 13, 2023


Residents at Exeter based retirement housing applied to Live and Move about seated exercise classes.

Getting older. We’re all doing it, and whilst you might think of pensioners as being in armchairs, or perhaps moving only with a walking frame, drinking copious amounts of tea and talking about the good old days, those living at certain Exeter based homes are doing things differently.

Residents at Iveagh Court in Exwick told their local Community Builder that they wanted to start doing some exercise. But with different levels of physical ability between them, deciding upon what to do wasn’t necessarily straightforward. Iveagh Court isn’t a care home – it’s privately owned retirement housing, so the residents live entirely independent lives. The Community Builder for the area spoke to the local Community Physical Activity Organiser Pete Kingston, who with the support of Live and Move, arranged to trial a series of seated exercise classes led by a fully qualified instructor.

Residents taking part in a seated exercise class.

And Iveagh Court isn’t the only retirement housing complex to contact Live and Move about how they could be moving more. York House in Longbrook Street, and Shilhay retirement housing in Commercial Road were also keen and have started seated yoga classes and seated tai chi respectively. The really positive news is that Exeter City Council have agreed to continue these classes in the longer term to ensure residents have plenty of opportunities to stay active.

Community Physical Activity Organiser Pete says: “These examples clearly demonstrate that anybody of any age can be more active. Thanks to Live and Move, these wonderful people are going to be fitter and healthier and will hopefully have a great time in the process!”

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