Say Hi to the CPAOs!

Jul 27, 2022

Moving more to feel better sounds so simple, doesn’t it? We probably all know about the sorts of things we could and should be doing to enable us to feel good, but it isn’t always easy. Work, family, caring responsibilities, disability, poor mental or physical health – there are a multitude of reasons that sometimes, it feels easier to stay indoors.

But of course, we at Live and Move want to change that perception. We want everybody in Exeter and Cranbrook to feel that however they want to move, they can do so. And we know that sometimes, we need to ask others to help us make a change.

Enter Wellbeing Exeter’s Be Active Team, made up of Community Physical Activity Organisers, or CPAOs for short.

Their role is to connect individuals in their community with the variety of physical activity opportunities that are out there, while also working with residents, groups and networks to support their physical activity ideas to get off the ground and grow.

These guys really are committed to getting you involved, to helping you to move more, find something you love doing and to connecting you to other people in your community who also want to do the same things that you want to.

There are four CPAOs working across the city of Exeter. The team is currently made up of Ed, Pete, Maresa and Natalie. We’ve written about them on our social media pages, where you can also find pictures and links to their own social media. They are all based within City Community Trust – the city’s leading health and wellbeing charity and part of the Wellbeing Exeter partnership.

Ed Shaw, who is CPAO for Exeter south east, told us: ‘Being active, outdoors and in nature makes me feel great. It honestly doesn’t matter what I’m doing as long as it’s in green space. Going for a run or walk in Ludwell Valley Park would probably be my go-to though.’

And Maresa Bossano, whose patch covers Alphington and St Thomas, said: ‘The most rewarding bit of my job has been meeting lots of new people in the local area, and getting to go out on nice walks with them, or do other fun activities.’

Pete Kingston covers the St James, Duryard, Exwick and St Davids area of the city. He loves working with individuals in his community to help them to achieve their goals. And he’s the perfect person to help – as somebody who has a chronic fatigue condition, he knows all too well some of the barriers that people face when trying to lead more active lives.

He told us: ‘Seeing people recognise the impact that being active can have on both physical and mental health, and the empowerment of achieving a goal on their own terms, is very rewarding to me.’

And the team’s newest recruit Natalie, looks after Pinhoe, Mincinglake & Whipton, Pennsylvania, Newtown & St Leonards, and St Davids  Natalie’s dog Rain providers her with the perfect opportunity to keep active, and her daily walks provide the perfect opportunity to get active and to meet people. She says that she’s absolutely committed to helping people in her areas to be more active, so if that’s you, she’d love to meet you!

Find out more about your CPAO by following the links to their pages on our social media, or by going to:

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