Newtown residents and Live and Move

We often hear that one of the easiest ways for people to be more active is to change their shortest journeys, perhaps switching those often made by car or bus, to foot or bicycle. In theory this sounds great, but with roads seeming to get busier, it’s not always easy to make that switch.

Live and Move has recently been working with the Exeter community of Newtown to try to make this happen.

The project, which sees Live and Move working in collaboration with Exeter City Council and Devon County Council, aims to make it easier, safer and more enjoyable for people to walk and cycle in Newtown. But in doing so, it also wants to reduce traffic volumes on residential streets, improve public health and wellbeing, and play its part in tackling the climate emergency.

The Story so Far

An initial consultation took place during April 2021 and identified the key changes that people would like to see.

The consultation discovered that:

  • Newtown residents felt a strong sense of community, although they did suggest that community spaces, events and activities are limited.
  • There was concern that traffic congestion has increased by too many vehicles parking inappropriately
  • The majority of the community felt however, that current parking facilities were adequate to cope with current demands.
    Since this consultation, draft plans have been designed based on the feedback received.

The Way Ahead

The scheme is now progressing and further information is expected to be released during 2023. Keep your eyes on this website for more information as it is released.

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