Move More Cranbrook Grants

Live and Move has teamed up with Move More Cranbrook to play our part in growing a healthier, happier and more active Cranbrook.

Exeter Play Streets road closed sign Live and Move

How do I gain funding?

If you live, work or volunteer in Cranbrook and have a project in the pipeline that supports people to be more active, this could be an opportunity for you to gain the funding you need.

Becoming more active looks different to everyone. It’s not often as simple as joining a group or taking up a sport. We know that to truly support communities to become more active, we need to listen to the ideas of those communities. So if you have a project or idea that you think can increase physical activity habits in some way, get in touch with Move More Cranbrook to find out what support is available to make it happen.

Move More Cranbrook Community Grants are funded by Live and Move. Grants are available for up to £3,000 for one-off projects. Move More Cranbrook are on hand to support people through the process, so if you have any questions or aren’t sure of your next step, feel free to email us.

Grant information and the application form can be found here: Move More Cranbrook Community Grants – Exeter City Council

Exeter Play Streets road closed sign Live and Move
Exeter Play Streets road closed sign Live and Move

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