Exeter Green Circle

The Exeter Green Circle is a 12-mile walking and cycling route that weaves around the five valley parks of Exeter.

Many of us use parts of the Exeter Green Circle every day without knowing it, others know the whole route and make use of it often. 

Live and Move is working with a group of local partners to improve the route and make it easier for people to use.

Find out more about the Exeter Green Circle by watching this short film.

Find out more

Activities take place along sections of the Green Circle including guided walks, bike rides, and sports groups to suit all levels of fitness. Contact your nearest community physical activity organiser, who can tell you more about these, and other activities taking place on the Green Circle.

Devon Wildlife Trust manage the valley parks within the Green Circle and often run activities for people to find out more about the area and about the wildlife within it. You can find out more about these and about the valley parks within the Green Circle, here.

We’d love to hear how you use the Green Circle. Get in touch with us to let us know.

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Go Jauntly

To make it easier to explore Exeter’s Green Circle, we’ve added the entire Exeter Green Circle route to the free, walking and wayfinding app Go Jauntly. There are also four special audio walks to discover, which feature narration by Tom Cadbury, Archaeology Curator, at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum Art Gallery.

Scan the QR code below to download the app and access the many different routes from your smartphone.

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