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The Exeter Green Circle is a 12 mile walking and cycling route that weaves around Exeter, leading the traveller through many of our parks and green spaces. Live and Move are working with a group of partners involved in the management of the Green Circle, seeking out ways to improve the route to make it easier to use and add some local personality.

Many of us use parts of the Green Circle in our everyday lives without knowing it, others know the whole route and make use of it often. The Green Circle is a valuable part of our city, linking up different areas without the need for getting into a car… but it needs some attention.

The global pandemic highlighted that daily exercise and time outdoors is vitally important for our health and wellbeing. In the slowed down version of the world we experienced in 2020/21, many Exeter residents began to explore parts of the city that they had never discovered before. This led to people sharing ideas for routes with each other online and the Green Circle was mentioned by a few who knew it well, though we saw that many people had never heard of it.

We listened to what was being said and are now working with the Devon Wildlife Trust, Exeter University, Exeter City Council and Devon County Council to make the route more accessible and promote it to the local community, so people can make the most of the green spaces we have in Exeter!

We’re committing to at least a year of working on the Exeter Green Circle, involving local organisations and communities as we go. Keep an eye on this page and on the Live and Move and Green Circle social media channels to see what we’re up to over the course of this exciting project! 

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Local walkers, runners and cyclists let us know that some parts of the Green Circle are quite hard to follow, so we’re investing in new sign posts around the route to sort this out and keep you on track! Get in touch to find out more…


The Wellbeing Exeter Be Active team let us know that a lot of people who were interested in joining a local wellbeing walk or activity, first asked them if routes were suitable for wheels, or had steep or muddy parts, or if there were enough benches or toilets on the route. 

We’re working on producing maps with a series of short walks that include all of these details, so that people can easily choose the walk length and route that suits them before heading out!

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