Cycle Whatever the Weather

Get fit and save the planet 

Are you up for the Cycle Whatever The Weather (#CWTW) challenge?

By accepting the challenge you agree that you will always choose your bike instead of a motor vehicle, whenever this is possible. You will not be put off by wind, rain, or other adverse conditions.

In doing so you will be contributing to a cleaner climate and helping to persuade others to do the same.

In return you will be presented with a certificate and a Duck Bell for you to display on your bike and quack with pride.

To signup, please fill in the form below and hit send. The #CWTW sponsors will send you a certificate and Duck Bell. In return, we ask that you take a selfie with the duck and certificate and send it back to the sponsor for sharing on social media. You are also encouraged to share your acceptance of the challenge on social media.

Wear your duck with pride!


6 + 13 =

Your #CWTW Stories

“Thank you so much for running this and for the free duck. Having the little duck on my bike makes me smile, and today I went for my first rainy ride! It’s the first time I’ve deliberately gone out in the rain but I popped to the nearby supermarket by bike instead of by car and it was so rewarding!

Taking the car would have felt like a boring chore, but riding my bike there was a lot of fun and I didn’t feel like I’d wasted part of the morning going to the shop. I am going to be moving soon and so will be going without the convenience of my housemate’s car to borrow – I am eager to not have to buy a car and so am planning on cycling a lot more and only using public transport/taxis when I have to (my parents live on a farm which isn’t the easiest place to get to by bike or bus!).

I do have to work out how best to do a main shop as today I only bought a couple of items, but I’m determined to do it. I’m really excited about doing my bit for the environment (and my wallet!) and my little duck reminds me that I’m part of something bigger 🙂 I’ve also shared a couple of photos on my social media with a link to the challenge so I’m hoping it catches on with my friends too!”


About Cycle Whatever The Weather

A cycling project led by Mick Green of Endorse HR Limited. #CWTW


#CWTW is a collaborative project led by me in partnership with Live and Move, and a number of other partners.

The aim of the project is to encourage new, existing, and even non-cyclists of all ages to cycle, or cycle more often and not ditch the bike and get in the car when it rains.

I’m trying to raise awareness and change a culture; not easy any time. I’m trying to create a new mindset; don’t drive when it rains or looks like it; get on your bike as a choice.


As a previously “diesel polluting school pick-up grandad”, and a disabled 65 year-old and with a fat belly, I was easily put off doing anything else but use my van to do the pick-up. A new drug controlled my condition and allowed me to get on a bike. A keen cycling granddaughter kept me in the saddle.

Concurrently, I have been very close to the Net Zero project and it became clear that cyclists will either not get on their bike when the clouds appear, or put it away at the slightest drop of rain.

I realised that unless we can convince people to “cycle whatever the weather” we are unlikely to make much headway with getting people out of their cars.

I decided a campaign was needed to convince them that it was possible to do the school pick up/drop off (or any other reasonable length journey for that matter) in any weather if you have the right kit and frame of mind. Interestingly, all evidence I have seen shows that it is not the kids that are worried about the weather, but the carers and parents.

The ducks are a great symbol (great weather for ducks) for the project and mine never fails to raise a smile when I’m cycling around with it. The aim is for those who take up the challenge to proudly sport their duck on their handlebars, quacking to anyone who will listen (spreading the word and raising the profile).

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