Pickleball in Exeter

Dec 15, 2023

There’s a slim chance that you haven’t heard about the latest sport to sweep the nation, Pickleball.

This brilliant, inclusive sport is a mix between badminton, tennis and table tennis. Its popularity is almost certainly down to its inclusivity – you don’t need any specialist clothing and you don’t need to have played before in order to get stuck in and become addicted! Two or four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated ball over a net.

And the best news is that thanks to some very enthusiastic players and a bit of Live and Move funding, Pickleball is now in Exeter.

We were contacted by one of the Wellbeing Exeter community physical activity organisers who had been working with a group of residents to start pickleball as an activity in Exeter. What started as a very informal activity at Wonford and Riverside Leisure Centres, soon grew into the Exeter Pickleball Club. The members had done such a lot over time, and now wanted to encourage more people to have a go at pickleball.

The funding from Live and Move enabled the club to pay for its own equipment, as well as the hire of additional venues so that there were more opportunities for people to get involved.

Ellie Sunderland from Live and Move said that it has been great to see Pickleball get more and more popular in the city.

She added: “One of our primary objectives at Live and Move is to support people to be more active, in whichever way they wish to do so. Pickleball is very inclusive, easy to play, and the group involved are enthusiastic and friendly. They wanted to grow their numbers and encourage others to get involved and we really wanted to support them.”

If you’d like to have a go at Pickleball, you can do so! Look at their <Facebook page> for details of sessions. If you think your team or activity could benefit from Live and Move support and you operate in Exeter or Cranbrook, come to us with an idea, and if we can we’ll help to make it happen.

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