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 a £25 In Exeter Gift Card
or a
FREE swim, gym or class with Exeter Leisure


For our summer #ShareYourMoves campaign, we want to share stories from people in Exeter and Cranbrook communities about the ways we choose to move and be active.

Everyone is unique and we are interested in finding out what people do each day to move more; the things that we enjoy and fit in with our unique lives.

We would like anyone who lives, works or is part of the community in Exeter and Cranbrook to send us images that we can share online and in our promotional material, for Live and Move and the #ShareYourMoves campaign.


“Tell a story in one image
about what it’s like to live and move
in Exeter and Cranbrook”


Send us your photo, a short caption and your contact name and email/phone number to:

If we love your creative work and can publish it, we’ll send you a £25 In Exeter Gift Card!

Remember – this competition is about sharing our lives and moves, not about skill with a camera, so give it a go!

We’ve also teamed up with Exeter Leisure to offer 3 lucky winners a free swim, gym or class session.

In September 2021, Exeter Leisure will choose their favourite 3 photos to use in their promotion and marketing. If your photo gets chosen, you’ll have a chance to agree to Exeter Leisure using the image in their marketing and will win a free swim, gym or class session in return!

The Terms and Conditions bit…

Take your photos with your phone camera in the landscape position if you can, it makes it easier for us to use!

We’ll need written permission from any recognisable people in any photos or videos. If we love your work and want to publish it, we’ll need to contact anyone in it with a quick, easy form for them to sign and email back to us. Please only submit photos of people if you have already asked them if they are happy to sign a form.

You can send us as many photos as you like, but we’ll only be able give out one voucher per person.

Vouchers will be given out on a first come, first served basis to anyone who provides images that Live and Move decide, at our discretion, we’d like to keep and/or publish.

The images you send us must be your original work and not be subject to any copyright infringements. We won’t be awarding prizes to professional photographers. 

Once you’ve signed to give us permission to use your photos, we’ll have the rights to the image for any Live and Move marketing, promotion and communications. However, we’ll make sure you get a name credit if you want one, and we’ll tag you on social media when we first share your creative work!

Exeter Leisure will choose three photos, entirely at their discretion, that they would like the rights to use in their own promotion and marketing. If your photo is chosen, we will contact you to ask your permission for this and put you in touch with someone who can help you arrange your prize – a free swim, gym or class session at any of the Exeter Leisure facilities.

Data Protection: we will only use your contact details for the purposes of arranging permission to use the photos you submit, and we’ll delete these details at the end of the summer #ShareYourMoves campaign, which runs until 30 September 2021. To find out what data we hold regarding you or to ask for it to be removed, you can get in touch with us at 

Live and Move Exeter Ramblers Ide walk
Live and Move Exeter Ramblers Ide walk
Live and Move Exeter Ramblers Ide walk
Live and Move Exeter Ramblers Ide walk

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