Park Yoga

Nov 8, 2023

Live and Move wants to help people in Exeter and Cranbrook to be more active, and so an important part of this is to ensure that the activities that we support are the ones that people want to do! We run a thorough and continuous programme of evaluation and feedback to find out what it is that people like and don’t like about our activities.

Live and Move recently helped to fund a weekly Park Yoga class in Cowick playing fields in the St Thomas area of Exeter.

Yoga is considered to be a great gentle, first step type activity. And Park Yoga sessions remove one of the greatest barriers to exercise which is that they are completely free.

Participants couldn’t wait to tell us what they thought:

Love Park Yoga! It serves body and mind, lovely way to start a day and the fact it’s free makes it accessible to everyone and means we can build a community. Thank you!

I am 70 and really love this. Keeps my joints moving!

Amazing use of the park. Really helps with my anxiety and depression. I have ADHD and this helps me with executive function as I won’t go to things too far away.

Park Yoga is a fantastic space. As a new mum in St Thomas it is my hour of ‘me time’ on a Sunday morning. It strengthens my body, calms my mind and bring me peace and joy.

I am a parent carer and it has been wonderful to strengthen myself and it has felt like a really important thing for me to do for physical and mental health. So there you have it. Yoga is a brilliant way of moving more, introducing you to gentle exercise and fantastic for mental health too.

Classes have stopped for the winter now, but will start again next spring. Keep an eye on our website for further information.

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