Our Learning

As a pilot programme, funded by Sport England, it’s important for us to review and evaluate our work constantly. This means we can find out what sort of projects actually make a difference to people.

Evaluating our work

As well as helping us to learn where to focus our attention and how to ‘do it again’, evaluation lets us and Sport England know which ways of working are best to invest in. So, what we’re learning in Exeter and Cranbrook communities might end up helping many people across the nation. Not to mention, providing an ‘evidence base’ for future policy making and funding at both local and national level.

Our evaluation programme is exciting, and we’re very grateful to everyone who fills out a survey, talks to our team, shares their story or images, or gets involved in our work in any way.

Together, we can make a real difference to the people of Exeter and Cranbrook – and beyond!

Local Active Lives survey

We run an annual Local Active Lives survey that closely matches Sport England’s national surveys. This helps us to find out how active people in Exeter and Cranbrook are, and to decipher what challenges people face and how we can support everyday active lives. The data can be found on a public dashboard, kept up to date by our contracted evaluation partner, SERIO. Take a look here:

Live and Move Local Active Lives survey

The data gathered isn’t just to do with the impact of Live and Move’s work, it’s a wide overview of what’s going on for people across Exeter and Cranbrook and there could be many reasons for the changes we may see over time.


How do we use these insights?

For example, we saw over the pandemic that members of the BAME communities were becoming disproportionately less active than other communities. This led to us doing some outreach work to find out what particular challenges were faced by these communities and instigated our Inclusive Communities project, which is now going from strength to strength. We’ve seen the ‘activity gap’ closing between these communities and the rest of our area; we believe the hard work of our partners at Inclusive Exeter has something to do with this!

Sport England Active Lives Surveys

Sport England run two national surveys: Active Lives Adult, which is published twice a year, and the world-leading Active Lives Children and Young People, which is published annually.

Both give a unique and comprehensive view of how people are getting active across the UK. You can find out more on the Sport England website.

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