October is Green Circle month

Oct 4, 2022

Many Exonians use the Exeter Green Circle every day, whether they realise it or not. Whether it’s your scoot to school, your cycle to work, your walk into town, or your impromptu game of footie in the park, the chance is that if you use footpaths and green spaces around Exeter, you’ll be using parts of the Green Circle – a 12-mile circular route around Exeter that takes in all five of the valley parks.

We might be biased but we think it’s one of the city’s best resources. It’s free (always a great start!) but also gives us the chance to be more active, enjoy some fresh air, and take in some of our beautiful surroundings, offering an element of peace and tranquillity in today’s busy world.

It’s worth saying here that many of us probably take the Green Circle for granted. And that’s fair enough. The land around us has always been there and hopefully, will continue to be for many years. When we think about it, though, we’re very grateful, as not all cities have this kind of route to experience green space, available to everyone.

To get an idea of where to walk near you, download the free ‘Go Jauntly’ app to see what others have done on the Green Circle and get a guide to recommended routes. Paths are clearly marked throughout each Valley Park and even if you veer off-course every now and then you can’t go too far wrong – follow the wayfinder signs and most paths will lead you to where you want to be, there or thereabouts!

At Live and Move, we’re working with the land owners and managers of the Green Circle route, to upgrade and carry out needed maintenance. We’re asking people in the local communities what would make it easier to use the Green Circle to get out and about in nature. Keep an eye out for opportunities to let us know what you think.

If you’re not sure how to use the Green Circle, there are people right on your doorstep to help! There are four Wellbeing Exeter community physical activity organisers based in different areas of Exeter who regularly organise walks, meet-ups, and events in their respective areas. Find out who yours is by going to: https://liveandmove.co.uk/say-hi-to-the-cpaos/

We’re dedicating the month of October to all things Exeter Green Circle. Head on over to our social media platforms to take part in some of our polls, or why not have a go at entering our competition to win walking gear for you and your loved ones.

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