Move More Cranbrook Community Grants

Jan 12, 2024

It takes so many people and projects to make up a community, and in the East Devon town of Cranbrook Live and Move funds resident led projects that enable others to be more active.

We work with Move More Cranbrook by providing support to people with great ideas that we believe can really inspire others to lead more active lives.

For instance, we’ve supported Cranbrook Running Club deliver more Couch to 5km groups throughout the year by funding additional run leaders.  We’ve also worked with the club supporting the creation of the parent and child introduction to running, and the junior parkrun group.

And then more recently, there is My Phizz – an awesome app that students at Cranbrook Education Campus will use to help them to be more active, both in school and outside of school hours with their families.

Or Rockbeare Rockets – a local family friendly football club. Funding from Move More Cranbrook is enabling the club to purchase valuable equipment, as well as supporting parent coaches to obtain qualifications and attend safeguarding courses.

And we’re also keen to support the next generation too. Our support for the Cranbrook pre- and post-natal group enables new parents to be more active, and to feel supported whilst caring for their babies.

There are lots of other ways that we are supporting people in Cranbrook too, and we still have grants available of up to £3000 to give to projects that we believe will really help to make a difference.

We are more than happy to have a chat with you to help you to establish whether the seed of your idea could be something that Move More Cranbrook can support. So, if you’ve got an idea for a project that might help you and your fellow Cranbrook residents to be more active, contact the team:

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