Local Active Lives survey – 2023

Mar 10, 2023

We are asking residents in Exeter and Cranbrook to spare about 10 minutes of their time to take part in a voluntary survey so that we can learn more about physical activity levels and health & wellbeing.

The Local Active Lives survey will begin on 13 March 2023 and run until the end of April. A team of researchers will be contacting a number of households, chosen at random, to invite residents to share their views. The fieldwork is conducted for us by an independent research agency, Market Means Ltd, who are working with our evaluation partner SERIO (University of Plymouth).

Our first survey was conducted at the start of the Live and Move Programme in April 2019, and further surveys were carried out in 2019, 2020 and 2022.  The insights and findings from each wave help us understand any changes in physical activity levels and attitudes to health & wellbeing across Exeter and Cranbrook

If you would like assistance to complete the questionnaire or would like the information in another format or language, please call Marketing Means’

freephone helpline 0800 8494019 or email info@marketingmeans.co.uk

If you have any questions, please email hello@liveandmove.co.uk

We would be very grateful if you could spare the time to take part in this survey. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

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