Jayne and Jeanette

Jan 19, 2024

There is no greater feeling than helping others, but when you’re new to a community (and that community is brand new too!), it can be difficult to know how to meet people and how to contribute.

So it was lovely to hear about Jayne and Jeanette who told us all about their community in Cranbrook, and how a simple voluntary act has opened a whole new world and lots of new activities for them both.

Jayne told us that having only recently moved to Cranbrook, she knew that she wanted to meet some new people but wasn’t quite sure how to do it. A simple knock on her door set the wheels in motion.

She said: “Andrea the Wellbeing Cranbrook Community Builder knocked on my door and talked about a new food bank that was about to start at EX5 Alive in Cranbrook.

“I said I was interested in helping and agreed to attend the meeting to see how I could get involved. It was within walking distance of my home, and I would be helping the local community.”

Jayne says that she attended the meeting and quickly became involved in the weekly event, helping with food ordering, stock control and the volunteer rota.

During one shift, she paired up with another volunteer Jeanette, and together they helped move some food crates from one place to another.

Since then, Jayne and Jeanette volunteer together at the food bank regularly and have become firm friends.

Jayne said: “We go out for social events together, for walks along the beach or to the country park, and for days out.

“The whole experience has enabled me to give back to the community and make new friends within the volunteer group. If it weren’t for that one knock on the door, none of this would have happened.”

Live and Move isn’t just about helping people to become more physically active. Through Wellbeing Exeter and Wellbeing Cranbrook community colleagues, we can also support residents to meet new people, get out and about, and to find projects that they’re interested in, just like Jayne and Jeanette did.

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