Jackie’s Lockdown Story

Oct 1, 2020

Jackie, a resident who lives in St James in Exeter, shares how she and her family coped and stayed active with lockdown especially with having a newborn baby.

Jackie’s Story

“This lockdown has had positives and negatives for most people. The virtual communities and meeting more neighbours for social distancing chats has been beyond helpful for our wellbeing. With an active 7 year old and a newborn life in quarantine would have been far too hard to handle without community. We’re lucky to have friends that dropped off thoughtful gifts, food, and just stood back for a much needed conversation.”

nature forest family

“My daughter and I have been involved in several exciting zoom activities the past few months. Maternal Journal is one of them and because of that we now have a journaling routine every evening before bed. Yalla Arts community theatre is another one that we thoroughly enjoyed participating in. The games and dancing made us both laugh and feel closer to everyone involved. Homeschool beatbox adventures taught us new skills, Songline choir allows us to sing our hearts out 3 days a week and one of my favourites has been the weekly vocal improve sessions.”

creative child painting during lockdown

“I’ve met talented people from around the globe that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Not only that but I’m now skateboarding again which I haven’t done in years, Bela loves it too. I’m now tempted to dive further back into my childhood and invest in roller skates! We only live once.”

“We’ve spent a large number of hours in our local Bury Meadow Park and the valley behind us which is the home to thousands of adorable wild rabbits. We’ve visited a few local beaches, the river exe, the river dart and had adventures in some of the many gorgeous nature reserves. We even managed to create a little fairy village in our garden with a mini zip line, swings, and a small pond with a rope swing.”

Exeter quay kayak child family

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