Inclusive Exeter celebrates National Lottery funding

Dec 15, 2023

When organisations and groups work alongside Live and Move, we always ask them what they’ll do to ensure that any activities can continue in some form beyond the Live and Move funding. This means that the work that we support has longer-term ambitions and impact upon communities and individuals.

It is therefore especially exciting for us to learn that an organisation that we’ve been working with for some time now, Inclusive Exeter, has recently been awarded long term funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, to continue its work with grass roots ethnically diverse communities.

Cllr Duncan Wood, Lead Councillor for Leisure Services and Physical Activity said: “I am really pleased that Inclusive Exeter have secured this funding and can build on their work. It’s clear from chats I have had with some of those involved in other initiatives the difference the work of the group can make. It’s a great early Christmas present.”

The ‘Better Connections’ project will support Inclusive Exeter to continue its drop-in sessions, enabling people to overcome the immediate difficulties they present with, and to support them in building their self-esteem.

Through cultural events and the physical activity programme, the aim is that people will be better connected within their own communities and improve their health and wellbeing. The project will promote cross-cultural links, breaking down barriers, improving understanding between people and generally contributing towards a more cohesive society.

Physical activities that form part of this programme include badminton, Zumba, women’s only yoga sessions, football and park walks.

Those involved should see improved wellbeing, reduced isolation, and improved physical and mental health.

We look forward to seeing what Inclusive Exeter does next thanks to this National Lottery Community Fund support. Congratulations and thank you to the Inclusive Communities team for their hard work and for making such a positive impact on the Exeter community. Find out more about Inclusive Exeter at: Inclusive Exeter

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