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We are growing a library of resources and useful information for anyone interested in partnering with Live and Move or who support Our Vision. 

We also have useful resources and training for partners we already work with, get in touch  if you are interested in guidance on anything in particular and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Resource Packs

#ShareYourMoves Partner Pack

Share Your Moves – Partner Pack

Join in with #ShareYourMoves!

Find out more about what the campaign is about and how to get involved in this Partner Pack.


Content Consent Form

Content CONSENT FORM – Live and Move Exeter

Download this form and fill it out (digitally is fine) to give us permission to use your photos, videos or other content. If you have a contact you are working with, email it to them. Otherwise feel free to send this and your content to

Brand Guidelines

Live and Move Brand Guidelines

Take a look at these to find out how to reference us in your own news and media. You can get in touch anytime at

Active at Home booklets

Public Health England have put together a really useful, easy to follow guide on ways to stay active and move safely at home.  

You can download the digital version or if you think you could do with printed copies, get in touch and we’ll see if we have any in stock. 

Active At Home, Exeter & Cranbrook

PHE Active at Home Booklet


Club Matters – Reopening Toolkit
A guide and toolkit from Sport England to assist clubs who are re-opening their provision and re-imagining what their offer is in a period of social distancing. 

Reopening Booklet, Sport England

Club Matters Re-Opening Toolkit

Toolkit Template, Sports England

Club Matters – Re-Opening Toolkit – TEMPLATE ONLY

COVID-19 Recovery
The COVID-19 crisis has hit many industries hard over the last few months. This includes the physical activity sector and people who deliver or support sport and activity, either on a paid or voluntary basis.  

With steps being made towards the lifting of restrictions there are many people, businesses and groups who are unsure how to proceed. Sport England have provided advice and guidance on safely resuming activity, as per the government guidance at the time., how-we-can-help, coronavirus

Current Government Guidance on returning to Play

Guidance for Clubs that are Returning to Play

Training Opportunities  

MECC – Making Every Conversation Count  

MECC training focuses on developing the core skills and confidence needed to recognise opportunities and have brief, healthy conversations that promote positive change. Evidence-based methods show us how to have conversations that are healthy in approach and healthy in content – for example talking with people about lifestyle changes. If you would be interested in a MECC course, please contact us

Walking, Exeter

Behaviour Change  

Behaviour Change is about finding ways to help individuals and communities to make lasting changes to habits and lifestyles. 

The Behaviour Change Development Framework and Toolkit can help you decide what sort of behaviour change training and planning might be needed to effectively support people to make positive changes in their lives. You can access a range of tools and resources to help you develop and deliver behaviour change through this toolkit. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch

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