Live and Move is more than just a brand or a project. It’s a joint effort towards a better future for us all.
That’s why creating strong partnerships across Exeter and Cranbrook is one of our top priorities!


We are already partnering with various organisations and businesses across the area, but we want to make sure we bring everyone on the ride towards a happier, healthier and more active future. 

If you are interested in partnering with Live and Move, get in touch to tell us about your organisation and we’ll send you some more information and arrange a chat. 

How do we work together? 

The Live and Move programme is arranged into different programme areas, including: 

Active Communities 
Active Families and Schools 
Active Travel and Environments 
Active Workplaces 

We work with businesses, organisations, schools, community groups and individuals in these programme areas and have a whole range of ideas, resources and projects to support each other towards a more active future. 

Who can partner?

Anyone can be involved!

You don’t need to be ‘sporty’ or even work with people in a sports setting to be a part of this movement. Live and Move is about inspiring EVERYONE to create habits that get them moving just a little more.

We want to hear from you...

We’d love to hear from you and share your story and ideas, please share your experience with us.


Live and Move is a social movement for a happier, healthier and more active Exeter and Cranbrook.

We want Exeter and Cranbrook to become the UK’s most active areas by getting everyone, no matter our age or ability, moving a little bit more.This is an exciting goal, and we can do it together.  

We are working across Exeter and Cranbrook, supporting 
each other to increase our daily movement in ways that work for us. We want to celebrate all the different ways that people choose to be more active and we’re committed to learning about what we can do – as individuals and as a place – to make this change last.

Will you be our Partner?

Thinking about getting involved? Get in touch and we’ll arrange a chat to talk about our shared visions and how we can work together!


Partner Enquiry

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