Our Vision

Live and Move are working for a happier, healthier and more active Exeter and Cranbrook.  


Our Vision

We want Exeter and Cranbrook to become the UK’s most active areas by getting everyone, no matter our age or ability, moving a little bit more.This is an exciting goal, and we can do it together.  

We are working across Exeter and Cranbrook, supporting each other to increase our daily movement in ways that work for us. We want to celebrate all the different ways that people choose to be more active and we’re committed to learning about what we can do – as individuals and as a place – to make this change last. 

Why move more?

Physical activity improves our health and wellbeing in so many ways: physical, mental, social and more. 

‘Be Active’ is one of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, which you can learn more about on the Wellbeing Exeter website. 

Being active can be simple. It can mean learning some seated stretches, or walking to the shops instead of driving on days when you have a bit more time.  

We are keen for everyone to learn to notice their physical activity and find ways to increase these movements. Celebrate every extra step or stretch, every moment of raised heart-rate, every good laugh that leaves you out of breath. 

Start where you are, and see where the idea of ‘living and moving’ takes you… 


Our Values 

Individuals Together

We are proud to be a diverse community. There are over 133,000 people in Exeter and Cranbrook and that means there are more than 133,000 different ways of doing things. 

We hope to share with and learn from each other; we remember that everyone is unique and so creativity is called for to get us all moving a bit more.

Small Steps are Giant Leaps

We know that change happens by increments. For some of us, our moves towards greater activity seem like small steps on the outside  but it’s the first steps that need the most determination! 

If we change a habit, no matter how small the change, that’s one giant leap to a more active lifestyle.  

Celebrate & Inspire

There’s always time for a good story. We’ve learned that good stories involve challenges and sacrifices as well as achievements. And the BEST stories are the TRUE ones. 
We want to hear and share stories of how people in our community are finding ways to be active, or why they aren’t right now. We want to celebrate each other and let our stories inspire others. And we aren’t afraid to tell the tricky stories too, because sometimes those are the ones we can learn the most from. 


Share your moves! 

You’ll see throughout this website that we tell stories about the projects and activities that our team at Live and Move are working on, but you’ll also see stories from people in our community 

Live and Move listens to people to find out what they’re already doing to be more active, find out what they’d like to do, share those stories and see where it takes us… 

So please, if you have a story to tell or you get inspired by one of the stories you see on our website or social media, let us know! 

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