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Live and Move’s Christmas Gift Guide

Live and Move’s Christmas Gift Guide

With COP26 still very fresh in our minds, we’re doing our best to reduce our impact on the environment. This Christmas especially, we don’t want to buy lots of plastic that will ultimately end up in landfill. At Live and Move, we’ve been asking ourselves: can we...

Creating Tomorrow, Together

PHAT Health: Plus-size Fitness in Exeter

Exercise is for everyone, but some people face more barriers than others when it comes to getting active. Enter Jess Crew from PHAT, whose mission to offer specialist plus-size fitness classes in Exeter is proving popular. Through her own personal experience, she knew...

Cllr Duncan Wood’s 12 Moves in 12 Months: Yoga

Exeter City Councillor Duncan Wood has committed to his year-long 12 Moves in 12 Months challenge to get more active by attending his first ever yoga session in Pinhoe this week.  Duncan attended the first of his weekly sessions run by Kate Furler at the Pinhoe...

12 Moves in 12 Months Challenge

Cllr Duncan Wood embarks upon a 12 month challenge to try out 12 new activities across Exeter…

Road Safety Week 2021

This time of year can be a bit rubbish. It’s dark, cold and the temptation to snuggle down on the sofa is greater than ever – the prospect of getting out on your bike might seem like a step too far! Here at Live and Move, we’d love everybody to be able to make ‘active...

Gary Head – Three marathons in three days

If the autumnal days and nights are putting you off the prospect of heading out for your regular jog, spare a thought for this keen runner who has just completed three marathons in three days. After losing his friend Johnno to suicide in 2018 and spending a lifetime...

Khaled’s story

Growing up in Syria, the chances to get outside and participate in exercise were very limited for Khaled Wakkaa, so when he fled the country as a refugee and moved to Exeter in 2017 it’s fair to say that exercise wasn’t high on his list of priorities. But that all...

Working out, up, and down during lockdown

This week’s #ShareYourMoves blog is by Lalande Virk, a student at Exeter College. Lalande tells us about how difficult it was to form consistent active habits during the pandemic, and some of the realisations she had on the way.

Local Store Cutting Congestion

The Pennsylvania community has come together to create Sylvania Community Stores, a space for people to meet, shop and join in with activities and events…

Exeter Sound Walks

Our #ShareYourMoves story this week is about Exeter Sounds Walks, from local musician Emma Welton…

Innovation – what does it mean to us?

It’s a big word, innovation, and can mean so many things…

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