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Crunch Nutrition

Crunch Nutrition

If you’re somebody who has recently started to move about more, whether it’s walking the stairs at work instead of taking a lift, or embarking upon an impressive new gym regime, the chances are, you might be feeling a little bit hungrier than before. We caught up with...

Let’s get talking

Let’s get talking

What are we talking about? Last week we launched #ShareYourMoves, a summer ‘campaign’ to encourage people to share photos, videos and stories about what kind of physical movement they do, day to day. The campaign is a conversation starter, an invitation to think about...

Silk and Steel

Silk and Steel

I was out walking the other morning, exercising the dog after the school run, and saw in the grass little clumps of dew-laden cobwebs. This wasn’t unusual, it’s one of those things we see underfoot all the time and sort of stop noticing. But this day I was in a...

Sharing our Stories

Sharing our Stories

“Why do we have to go for a walk again, Mummy?” my five-year-old son complained while I was digging out the cupboard under the stairs, in the vain hope that there were some wellies in there that both fit and didn’t let the muddy water in three minutes after getting...

The Bear Trail

The Bear Trail

If you’re a parent, you’re probably all-too familiar with how difficult it can be to encourage your children to get off their screens and go outside, alongside the worry that they’ll be safe when they do so. Ben Jordan was keen to enable families to make memories and...

Creating Tomorrow, Together

Live and Move meet His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales

Live and Move were privileged to have played a part in His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales’ visit to Exeter Bus Station…

Local Store Cutting Congestion

The Pennsylvania community has come together to create Sylvania Community Stores, a space for people to meet, shop and join in with activities and events…

Bridge Arts

Students are getting involved in the Bridge Arts project with Live and Move. They will have the chance to see their work displayed permanently on one of the city’s bridges from this summer.

Newtown is changing

Live and Move are working with Exeter City Council and Devon County Council to find out if there are any improvements Newtown residents would like to see in their area. We want to hear your view, so we can design improvements that will increase the ways you can...

Cranbrook Community Grants Available from January 2021

From January 2021, people who live in Cranbrook or have a strong connection to the town will be able to apply for funding for community led projects, through the newly launched Move More Cranbrook Community Grants fund. Cllr Matt Osborn of Cranbrook Town Council said,...

Exeter Streets

Live and Move are working with Devon County Council and Exeter City Council to improve walking and cycling routes around the city. This is a way to really have your voice heard by the people making decisions about the future of Exeter's Streets! We are consulting with...

Wonford Health and Wellbeing Hub

What Wonford Wants In 2019, Exeter City Council teamed up with Live and Move to find out what Wonford residents would like to see in their community to support their health and wellbeing. We have secured funding to redesign and improve the current Wonford Community...

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