Gabriel House

Mar 8, 2023


Live and Move helps residents at Gabriel House to be more active, by setting up a weekly football club.

Being active is often one of the first things to disappear when you’re struggling to cope with life. So when somebody is homeless, and / or has addiction issues, looking after themselves isn’t likely to feature high on their agenda. It’s simply about getting through each day.

But that’s not the case for residents at Gabriel House – a homeless hostel and resettlement housing project in Exeter. Residents there spoke to their peer mentor in early 2022, saying that they’d like the opportunity to participate in physical activities. The peer mentor quickly got in touch with one of our Physical Community Activity Coordinators Pete, and he swiftly got to work, getting to know some of the residents and finding out what it was that they wanted to do.

CPAO for Central and North West Exeter Pete Kingston said: “Initially I attended their weekly social cafes, where I had the opportunity to chat to them about the sorts of things that they might want to do. They all agreed that they’d like to have a go at walking football, so I set about applying for funding to set up a club.”

Pete applied for funding through the Live and Move programme and in the meantime arranged for the residents to try out a number of sports at local parks. Whilst waiting for the outcome of the funding, Pete also arranged a kayaking session with outdoor activity centre Haven Banks.

“I knew that the funding might take a few months to come through, and whilst I was waiting, I wanted to prove to the residents at Gabriel House that we were committed to helping them to be more active. They loved kayaking and so did I!”

The funding was approved and the residents now take part in a weekly football coaching session led by Exeter City Community Trust coach, Dan. The sessions last for one hour and have received a good turnout so far. The participants have also received free tickets to watch an Exeter City Football match which they thoroughly enjoyed.

James Bogue from Live and Move said: “This case study proves that all you need initially is an idea. Live and Move are committed to helping people across Exeter and Cranbrook to move more, so come to us with an idea, and if we can, we’ll help to make it happen.”

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