Find Your ‘Everyday Active’

Dec 14, 2022

Live and Moe Exeter and Cranbrook illustrated figures being active in Exeter park

Live and Move’s Purpose

Moving more in our everyday life is one of the best medicines we have, for our bodies and our minds. Anything we can do to increase our heart and breathing rates a little every day is so good for us in the long run.

This is why Live and Move exists, funded by Sport England and hosted by Exeter City Council as part of their Active and Healthy People team. Our Vision is that Exeter and Cranbrook are places where everyone can have an active lifestyle, every day.

We’ve just launched our new Everyday Active strategy as we head into 2023, detailing the ways we are working together in places, with people and communities, to make everyday lives better.

Our work spans many different parts of the ‘system’, seeking to make changes at all levels that will create more opportunity for people in Exeter and Cranbrook to be more active, every day. You can read more about our place based approach to this work, and the different programme areas, here.

Simple everyday movements that add up

Physical activity isn’t just about exercise, it’s also self-care. Some of us have challenges that make ‘regular exercise’ and crisp winter walks tricky to do. Here are some simple ideas we’ve been given for some extra moves that add up to increased fitness and wellbeing. We’d love to hear from you with other ideas!

•           Walking up the stairs for no reason, just to get more steps into the day

•           Getting in touch with your inner child by taking a walk about the home. You can go into every room and ‘discover’ something you look over every day, which might be interesting to a friend or family member, or pet!

•           Doing some stretches every time you boil the kettle

•           Dancing in your chair when the adverts are on

•           Wrapping up warm and taking a turn about the garden, round the block or just going out the front door and stomping your feet for a bit, listening to the outdoor sounds

•           Arranging to meet a neighbour for a quick hello on the nearest bench or other landmark close to your house

We don’t need to be out for long to experience the benefits of fresh air and natural light. The process or wrapping up, getting boots on, the breathing rhythm changes that come from being active in the outdoor air, all these things are ‘more movement’ than if we hadn’t gone out at all!

How about committing this winter to getting outdoors for a wander every day – even if it’s not very far? If going out is difficult for in icy weather, spending a few minutes, a few times a day doing extra movement in the home can be of huge benefit.

Take a look at the Live and Move website and social media for ideas, or talk to friends, family and community about ways to be a bit more active every day. You never know, by spring 2023, we might be able to do more than we thought was possible the same time in 2022.

If you’d like to find out more about what opportunities there are in your local area and get a bit of support to find something that fits you and your schedule, you can ask the Wellbeing Exeter ‘Be Active’ team. There are four Community Physical Activity Organisers (CPAOs) in Exeter who’s job it is to assist you in finding your own everyday active lifestyle. Find out more here.

We’d love to see what ideas you come up with for adding some extra moves into your day, indoors or out. You can use the hashtag #ShareYourMoves to inspire others with your story, or get in touch with us at

What are your tips for being active over the winter months?

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