Exwick Youth Club

Mar 22, 2023

We often talk about what the role of Live and Move is in our communities of Exeter and Cranbrook, and we’re trying to focus on the ‘live’ bit just as much as the ‘move’ bit in our name. Moving more and being active is only one part of what it means to lead a ‘good’ life.

Leading a good life means different things to different people. But we’re especially conscious of young people, those who were impacted so hugely in the Covid-19 pandemic. Those who missed out on valuable opportunities to socialise, make friends, and discover who they are and what they like to do.

So when one of the Community Physical Activity Organisers got in touch about supporting Jules, a local youth worker, and Rachel, the Exwick Community Builder, in setting up a youth group in Exwick, we paid particular attention.

There wasn’t any provision for young people in Exwick, but the thought was that there should be. They ran a couple of taster sessions at Exwick Community Centre to test the water and to see whether anybody would turn up. And over 20 young people came to these sessions in November, proving that there was indeed a need for this sort of provision.

Live and Move worked with Exwick Community Association, to put on two sessions each week, one for young people aged 8-11 and another session for those 11+. Funding was also provided by the Exwick Old School Trust. Volunteers who have been DBS checked also help out at the sessions, where participants might take part in board games, table tennis, art and crafts, or a kickabout.

The sessions have been such a success that the group are now looking at funding opportunities that would allow them to provide a youth worker to run the group.

Community Physical Activity Organiser Pete Kingston says: “Young people in our area need places to go and people to meet. They missed out on so many opportunities over the past few years, so it’s brilliant to see so many of them in Exwick come along, meet each other and hang out with their friends. Long may it continue!”

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