Exeter Living Awards

Feb 19, 2024

We are extremely excited and very proud to announce that Live and Move have been shortlisted for an Exeter Living Award.

We entered the Civic Award category for our Inclusive Communities project, in which we work alongside Inclusive Exeter. We’ve always believed that physical activity can be a wonderful way to connect people from differing background and communities, and the Inclusive Communities project proves this time and time again.

Take the badminton group for example. This weekly gathering in Wonford attracts about 25 people who represent up to 16 different nationalities. It includes grandparents, children, students, and everybody in between. Or our women’s yoga session which meets weekly in Exeter. Again, attracting women from a multitude of backgrounds and faiths, it’s a fantastic opportunity to connect and feel great. From Zumba to volleyball, walks to football, Inclusive Communities has it all.

The award ceremony takes place in March and we know that we’re up against some really stiff competition. It says a lot about the amount of brilliant work that takes place right here in Exeter.

Mahsin Mahbub who is the physical activity coordinator for Inclusive Exeter says that she’s really proud that the work with Live and Move has been recognised in this way.

She added: “Far too many people in our communities feel isolated and are lacking community support. Physical activity is a wonderful way of bringing people and communities together, and each week we see people from lots of different nationalities playing sport, having fun, and becoming friends. We are proud to see our work recognised in this way.”

Watch this space to find out how we get on in the Exeter Living award ceremony which takes place on 7 March.