Exeter Streets

Sep 22, 2020

Live and Move are working with Devon County Council and Exeter City Council to improve walking and cycling routes around the city. This is a way to really have your voice heard by the people making decisions about the future of Exeter’s Streets!

We are consulting with the community in various areas across the city to look at options for changes and improvements to our highways. The aim is to make it easier and safer for people to walk and cycle around the city, to work, school or for pleasure.

The recent Active Travel policies coming from the government have given local authorities more freedom to trial temporary changes to highways. This means that the council can put in place temporary changes to road and cycle networks very quickly, testing out how well they work in real life before making decisions, with local residents consultations, about whether the changes should become permanent.

To find out more about which routes we are asking for opinions on at the moment, click here to see the map and information, and to answer some questions to give us your views. As time goes on we there will be opportunity to add your own comments on all sorts of matters across the city.