Walking. For most of us, it’s something we do every day without even thinking about it. But the Exeter Nordic Walking Group takes it a little further, organising group walks across the Greater Exeter area.

So what exactly is Nordic Walking? We caught up with Sue Holden, who runs Nordic walking groups in the Exeter area, to find out a bit more.

Sue told us: “Nordic walking enhances your natural walking by engaging your upper body muscles during the push through the strap of the Nordic walking pole, propelling you forward. Your posture is improved and the rotation releases tension in your neck and shoulders. Nordic walking improves strength and balance as well as burning more calories than everyday walking. You get into your rhythm and can walk further for longer whilst taking pressure off your hip and knee joints.”

It sounds great, and the ideal opportunity to move more, get fitter and stronger, whilst also chatting to friends. We’re in! 

Sue added: “Nordic walking is a fun outdoor activity for those beginning to move more or who decided running isn’t for them anymore. A social activity during the walk and after when we enjoy a cuppa at a café! It’s a year-round activity you can do from your front door on pavements or in your local green space.”

The Exeter Nordic Walking Group is a well-established walking group who successfully applied for a Move More small grant recently and are using the money to run a series of events aimed at establishing a similar walking group for residents in Cranbrook.

Sue says that the walkers in her groups feel stronger, more energetic, taller, faster and happier:

“Our Nordic walkers are glad to have a reason to be outdoors. We enjoy walking in sunshine or rain and watching the seasons change. The hour goes quickly – they meet, chat, and enjoy exercise with new friends.” 

Find out more about Exeter Nordic Walking in Exeter, Exmouth, and Powderham Castle here.

Find out more about Move More Grants here, and learn about the work of Move More Cranbrook here.

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