Danny is running 100 miles in July!

Jul 21, 2022

At the time of writing, temperatures in Exeter and Cranbrook have been hotting up and quite frankly, the prospect of going for a run doesn’t particularly appeal. So, you can imagine our amazement upon finding out about Exeter resident Danny Harris’ epic challenge to raise money for Cancer Research UK – by running 100 miles in just one month.

Danny says that whilst he’d run ‘a bit’ in the past, he would often go through periods of time when he wouldn’t run at all. So, what on earth made him undertake the challenge of running 100 miles in a month?

“The tragedy is that this isn’t the same for everyone, and we take each day and each scan at a time and pray for everyone who battles this horrible illness. I am doing this for them and hoping to raise some money to support others in the future.”

Danny trained twice a week in the lead up to July, and is now staggering the runs, and the mileage throughout the week, mostly running when temperatures are at their coolest, early in the morning at about 6.30am. If all goes to plan, he should have completed his 100 miles on 29 July – just in time for a much-needed rest on holiday!

Danny said: “In the last five years my wife, mum and other family members and friends have battled cancer and due to the amazing research and medicines available today, they are all currently healthy.

Running for such a good cause has resulted in a few friends joining Danny on the way, something which he says has helped with morale. Colleagues from Exeter City Community Trust, where Danny works as head of wellbeing and inclusion have joined in to cheer him on.

If you see Danny running around Exeter, give him a wave! And if you’d like to contribute towards Danny’s fundraising efforts raising money for Cancer Research UK, you can do so here.

Well done Danny!

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