Pilates and Seated Exercise

Oct 1, 2020

Caroline set up a YouTube channel and filmed with her phone during lockdown so she could start teaching free pilates and seated exercise to her community from her home. Her dog usually joins in!

Welcome To My Conservatory! 

I have the most amazing job in the world! I get up every day wanting to go to work and love it. It’s really rewarding. I teach in and around Exeter, doing mainly Pilates and Conditioning classes to Older Adults.

UNTIL…. LOCKDOWN!! Arrrghh!  

I was on an emotional rollercoaster for the first 3 weeks of lockdown. There were some very low points and I felt, at times that I didn’t even want to get up in the morning, because I had no job to go to and no purpose. 

BUT we all very quickly started to getting in touch with each other via Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, text, popping notes through doors, bumping into people while doing the weekly shop in Tesco etc… 

In between the lows, there were the highs. I started filming 20 minute Pilates videos and posting them on WhatsApp groups that were gradually growing. The interest and support I received was overwhelming AND very much appreciated!  

So things soon began to change… 

ZOOM!! I’d never even heard of it! Very quickly, I got set up, created an account and invited a few people to test it out with me, having practices with friends and family, I thought ‘I can do this!’  

There were challenges getting some set up with the technology, but bit by bit and with a lot of patience and determination (from me and them) WE DID IT! 

I now have 70 people connected on ZOOM, doing their classes every week online instead of in the halls and studios. WOW! I’m back to getting up every morning with a purpose doing something I love. 

Being able to keep people moving through this challenging time has meant so much to me. It’s made so much difference to my own mental and physical wellbeing and kept me going when I felt on that emotional rollercoaster.  

The feedback is amazing too. It’s helped so many people stay in touch. The first 10 minutes of every class is social chat for those that want to join in early. 

It’s been an absolute pleasure to welcome them all to my conservatory!