Alternative Black Friday

Oct 27, 2022

This part of the year is traditionally a time to think about our loved ones and gifting. Giving presents to those we care for is about showing them how we feel, and doesn’t need to be a burden on our pockets, particularly with the economic concerns we’re all facing.

So, in the spirit of giving, welcome to the Live and Move Black Friday alternative. Show somebody you really care this festive season by choosing a meaningful gift:

  1. The promise of a weekly workout with a friend – commit to a time and place and you definitely won’t want to let them down.
  2. Offer to take an elderly loved one for a walk – perhaps a relative or a neighbour. Older people can often feel isolated, and the promise of a short walk to get them moving and to keep them company might be just what they need.
  3. Take your nieces and nephews on a special park date – children love nothing more than the opportunity to hang upside down and whizz down the slide. And it’ll give their parents a break too!
  4. Offer to take a friend to a Freemoovement class – free exercise classes sound almost too good to be true, but it can be daunting starting something on your own. You going along too might be just the push that they need to get started!
  5. Look after little ones so that a loved one can work out in peace – just half an hour of exercise might make a huge difference to a carer when they probably don’t have many opportunities to do so. Your help might be just what they need to spur them on.
  6. Service somebody’s bike for them – if you’re sick of seeing somebody’s bike rusting away in the corner of a garage and you happen to be handy with a spanner, why not offer to do it up for them? It might encourage them to get on two wheels again. If you don’t know how already, perhaps get in touch with Ride On Exeter, a charity who give bikes a health check and teach you how best to maintain them.
  7. Organise your own treasure hunt – get your map out for an adventure on your feet. Maybe provide clues to your fellow navigators to help them on their way. With so many fantastic walks around Exeter’s Green Circle, you won’t run out of interesting places to visit. You could download the GoJauntly app to discover walking routes on your doorstep.
  8. Host a winter sports day in the garden – why not make some medals and certificates and invite friends and family? You could have some really fun events and make a day out of it. You don’t have to be Mo Farah – you can stick to the  classics such as the egg and spoon race, long jump and the wheelbarrow race. Get someone who’s tech savvy to #ShareYourMoves on social media and tag @LiveandMoveExeter.
  9. Walk a neighbour’s dog for them. If you know of a busy dog owner, why not offer to walk their pooch for them once in a while?
  10. Pump up that flattened football to give it a new lease of life – that deflated ball that’s laying in the grass? It might just need a breath of air – have a go and see who wants to join you for a game of footie?

Being more active doesn’t necessarily mean running a marathon, or even the popular ‘Couch to 5k’. As well as the above activities, there are also lots of others that you could do if you have a few coins to spare, whilst still supporting your loved ones to keep moving this winter.

How about?

  1. Bowling – it’s fun for all ages and abilities, and with a bowling alley here in Exeter, it couldn’t be easier to spend an afternoon at the lanes
  2. Join an exercise class – Exeter Leisure have a host of classes to suit all fitness levels. Get in touch with them or download their app to find out more.
  3. Swimming trip – there is no shortage of swimming pools in Exeter. And if your loved one isn’t a natural water babe, why not enrol them in a course of lessons?
  4. Skipping rope – if you’re anything like us, it’s been years since you got your hands on a skipping rope. They cost as little as a couple of pounds and are a brilliant (and sometimes hilarious!) way to get moving.
  5. Climbing – we’ve got our very own climbing centre here in Exeter, with walls to suit all abilities, from age 4+. Give the gift of climbing this Christmas!

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