12 moves in 12 months – ISCA bowls

Mar 22, 2022

Cllr Duncan Wood is taking part in a new activity each month in 2022, as part of his ’12 moves in 12 months’ project. And March is all about the bowls!

According to Cllr Wood, bowls is a perfect activity to get some exercise, make friends and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere.

His project aims to champion some of the amazing community groups and organisations in Exeter who are supporting people to be more active in their daily lives.

Cllr Wood is spending time each week in a group or class to try new activities for himself as a great way to get active and stay healthy.

It began with yoga in January and moved on to Nordic Walking in February. And the challenge for March is bowls.

Cllr Wood recently took part in his first session at Isca Bowls Club at the Isca Centre in Summer Lane and said he thoroughly enjoyed his new challenge.

He said: “It’s been brilliant. I’ve done some really diabolical bowls but also some that were spot on and when you do a good one you really feel it, from the second it leaves your hand.

“As with all of the 12 Challenge activities I’ve never done it before. It was my first go at it and I really enjoyed it. Playing bowls has made me feel that I have been active and have been challenged, but the atmosphere is really relaxed.

“There’s a lot to think about – the grip, how hard to bowl it and on what line, and I’m really looking forward to learning more.”

Bowls coach David Oakey, of Isca Bowls Club, said bowling appeals to people of all ages and abilities and is a great way of meeting new people in a competitive but friendly atmosphere.

He said: “Duncan did very well. I would say to anyone considering bowls do please come along. There are lots of people who will be very happy to help you, and we just want people to be involved and playing bowls.”

For more information about activities at the Isca Centre call 01392 265390 or click here.

12 Moves in 12 Months is part of the Live and Move #ShareYourMoves campaign to help people become more active in the city.

We’ll continue to share Cllr Wood’s ’12 moves’ right here, so watch this space!

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