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Welcome to Live and Move!

We are working for a happier, healthier and more active Exeter and Cranbrook.​​ 

Let’s share all our different ways to move more in our day-to-day lives, while staying safe in these challenging times.

Why? Because extra movement supports our overall health and wellbeing on so many levels – and when you find what works for you, it’s fun! 

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Run Talk Run

Run Talk Run

When you’re feeling low, exercise might be the last thing on your mind. But getting your body moving can do wonders for your mind and can help you to feel great. Run Talk Run does just that. This free global running group increases access to mental health support...

Say Hi to the CPAOs!

Say Hi to the CPAOs!

Moving more to feel better sounds so simple, doesn’t it? We probably all know about the sorts of things we could and should be doing to enable us to feel good, but it isn’t always easy. Work, family, caring responsibilities, disability, poor mental or physical health...

Danny is running 100 miles in July!

Danny is running 100 miles in July!

At the time of writing, temperatures in Exeter and Cranbrook have been hotting up and quite frankly, the prospect of going for a run doesn’t particularly appeal. So, you can imagine our amazement upon finding out about Exeter resident Danny Harris’ epic challenge to...

Who are Live and Move?

Live and Move are a team put together as part of the Exeter and Cranbrook Sport England Local Delivery Pilot. Check out Sport England’s Join the Movement campaign while we move and stay safe with social distancing. 

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